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More efficient, safe outdoor lighting

Upgrading street lighting to LED offers huge energy saving potential for Local Authorities.  However, only around 1 in 5 of the street lights in the UK are currently LED.

This guidance brochure is aimed at procurers and underpinned by the Premium Light Pro criteria, covering quality and safety, efficiency and lifetime.  The document will also help you understand road classifications, performance requirements, system components and control strategies.

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Outdoor Lighting Procurement Criteria

Premium Light Pro's Procurement criteria is designed to support procurement processes for LED street and road lighting projects, helping specifiers to ensure best practice when selecting products. The criteria may also be useful for designers, planners, and contractors.

The criteria includes sections on general elements and features, tender evaluation, quality, efficiency and safety, and installation aspects.

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Life Cycle Costing Tool for Street Lighting

This tool is designed for the calculation of the life cycle cost and comparison of different technologies for street and road lighting. The three main cost components are: "purchase and installation", "energy cost" and "maintenance cost".  Cost estimates can be calculated and compared over various time periods.

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