Premium Light Pro

Retailer and SME Workshop Series



  • 18th March, Durham
  • 19th March, Newcastle
  • 21st March, Cardiff
  • 26th March, Birmingham
  • 27th March, London

Premium Light Pro is delighted to launch a series of workshops to encourage independent retailers and SMEs to save money, energy and carbon by upgrading lighting to efficient LEDs and control systems.




Business Breakfast and Briefing

  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Overview of the Premium Light Pro project, run by Energy Saving Trust
  • Receive the project’s guidelines and procurement criteria brochures, as well as funding information from campaign supporters

Session 1 – Introduction to LED Lighting and Control


  • The cost and environmental benefits of upgrading lighting
  • Lighting Design: The right light, in the right place, at the right time
  • Understanding Technical Terms: Colour rendering, colour temperature, glare, lifetime and control systems


  • Observe LED lighting products and controls in action
  • See how lighting affects products and customer experience

Session 2 – Upgrading Considerations

  • Product Quality: How to choose a lighting system
  • Understanding technical jargon and specification sheets
  • Evaluating Suppliers

·        Q&A and Networking



Are your premises using older lighting technologies, such as halogen or fluorescent bulbs? If so, did you know that LED lighting and control systems can provide significant reductions to your overheads, as well as providing a better quality of light with flexible control options?  However, with so many products on the market and considerations on how best the lighting should operate in the space, selecting the right system and installer can be complex.  


Help is at hand – as part of the campaign we’re running a series of regional workshops to assist businesses with taking their first steps towards a brighter future. 


Our free workshops will provide you with resources produced under the Premium Light Pro project. You will receive a guidance brochure explaining technical lighting terms, help with product selection, quality checks and design, as well as procurement criteria that can be used in tenders.  


The training session - led by a highly experienced trainer from the Lighting Industry Academy – will provide you with the information you need to oversee the right lighting for your business.  Some training sessions will include a demonstration tour, bringing to life the benefits of high quality, efficient LED lighting, and how controls can add to the savings.



Our workshop series is supported by the following partners:

  • Lighting Industry Association
  • Lighting Industry Academy
  • Thorn Academy of Light
  • British Independent Retailers Association
  • Durham Business Energy Efficiency Project
  • Newcastle Business Energy Saving Team