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Southend-On-Sea Street Light Upgrade

Southend-On-Sea Council has completed the borough’s street light upgrade to LED. The council reviewed their street lighting in 2012 and concluded that LED lights would provide residents with a more effective and sustainable solution. They went on to secure £13.5 million in funding to replace the borough’s street lights with modern LEDs. Southend-On-Sea was the first town in England to take advantage of green finance offered by the Green Investment Bank, from which it received £8.2 million. Another £5.1 million was granted from the Department for Transport.

14,500 street lights were switched to LED, over 7,000 columns were replaced and a new Central Management System (CMS) has been implemented. The CMS allows the council to brighten and dim individual street lights depending on the needs of the community.

The LED street lights are expected to create a 57% energy efficiency saving for the council.

In addition to street lights, reflective signs and bollards were installed, rather than their electrically-lit counterparts.

Ann Holland, Executive Councillor for Culture, Tourism and The Economy, said: “The forward-looking invest-to save approach is enabling the Borough to deal with budget pressures without having to turn off street lights during the night – a move which can give rise to concerns over road safety and increased fear of crime. The new lights are proving really popular with most local residents. Many are commenting on the improvement in quality of the light, which is whiter, brighter and more targeted than traditional street lights so that it stays on the road rather than spilling into properties.”