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Grendon Parish Council Street Light Upgrade

Grendon Parish Council in Northamptonshire has made the switch to LED street lighting.

The council received an interest-free loan of £4,800 from Salix Finance which it used to part-finance its project. Its street light upgrade cost £9,500 in total and aimed to modernise Grendon’s street lighting to LED, which would reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

34 streetlights were upgraded to energy efficient LED lanterns, which will reduce the council’s annual electricity usage by 9,431 kWh. This in turn will save Grendon Parish Council £970 and 4.24 tonnes CO2e a year.

The project has also benefited residents of the parish through improved lighting of the local footpaths.

Ian Denton, Chairman of Grendon Parish Council, said “I would urge any other parish councils who are looking into financing the upgrading of street lighting to certainly consider Salix Finance as a source of appropriate funding.”



Total scheme cost


Annual electricity cost savings


Annual CO2e savings

4.24 tonnes

Loan payback time

4.95 years

Technical overview

This lighting upgrade will deliver energy savings, as old mercury lanterns have been replaced with highly efficient LED. The photocells within the lanterns are six times more efficient, and the lamps are three times more efficient. The increased lumen output means the quality of the lighting has also improved. This project has reduced the council’s electricity bill related to its street lighting by nearly 70%.


Benefits and the future

The annual financial savings achieved by these street light upgrades will be used to pay off the Salix Finance loan over five years. Importantly, once the council has paid off the loan, it is able to reinvest the savings in other areas. “A win-win situation for all, in that not only have residents benefitted from better lighting of the footpaths within the village, the council has not had to dip into reserves and can continue to channel its resources into supporting local clubs and associations, along with enhancing the environment of the village,” said Mr Denton.