Premium Light Pro

Helping you switch to energy-efficient lighting


Upgrading lighting in non-domestic premises offers a huge energy and cost saving opportunity for both individual businesses and our national energy demand as a whole.  Whether you are working towards ESOS or CRC compliance, or just looking to lower your organisation’s operating costs in general, switching to more efficient indoor lighting is a great way to contribute to this. 

However, selecting quality products, and ensuring the installation has appropriate design for the needs of the space is of paramount importance. Getting it right first time provides the best return on investment, and helps avoid maintenance issues down the line.

The transition to next-generation lighting technology and controls is well underway in the public and private sector – but barriers remain for organisations who may lack the resource to explore the benefits of lighting upgrades.  Research has found:

  • The commercial and public sector accounts for around 70% of lighting energy demand - around 42 billion kWh; a national transition to LED could reduce this by around a third.
  • 85% of companies polled by the Grocer’s 2016 Switch the Lights campaign said that switching to LED lighting had resulted in “highly beneficial” or “beneficial” savings to maintenance budgets - but 71% of independent retailers cited upfront cost was the main barrier to switching.
  • Barriers to implementing efficient lighting in the public sector included a lack of an agreed long-term strategy (34% of respondents) and a lack of procurement resource and know-how (30%).
  • Could use of lighting control systems also help organisations cut energy costs?  46% of an SME’s energy use is estimated to happen outside business hours on average.

This free workshop covers:

  • An introduction to LED lighting and controls, and the savings possible
  • Understanding technical jargon and manufacturer data sheets
  • Design: the right light in the right place at the right time, and how best to use daylight
  • Procurement, quality, cost, and performance claims
  • Project funding information

The Premium Light Pro procurement criteria and design guidance documents will be provided.

Is this course for you?

This workshop is targeted at anyone involved in management or procurement for non-domestic lighting upgrades in the public or private sector.   

Prior technical knowledge of lighting is not required; the course will cover both introductory and intermediate topics. It is suitable for architects, planners, installers, ESCOs, building managers, public procurement/local government employees, energy specialists/auditors/consultants, vendors/distributors, and SME owners. 

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