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Indoor lighting step by step

There are many considerations when installing LED light systems and this can be daunting for procurers. Selecting quality products, a competent installer, using daylight to your advantage and optimal design are just some of the considerations.

Premium Light Pro has produced a comprehensive guide for installation of indoor lighting in the non-domestic sector.  At the heart of this lies the project's Procurement Criteria, which serves as a benchmark of high quality.

Different users may find different sections of the criteria particularly useful - see page 3 for finding the most relevant section for your needs.

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Indoor Lighting Procurement Criteria

Premium Light Pro's Procurement criteria is designed to support procurement processes for both public and private sector lighting projects, helping specifiers to ensure best practice when selecting products.

As well as products, the document includes guidance for tender evaluation, and appropriate weighting and scoring to make good decisions in contractor selection.

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