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Indoor lighting step by step

A successful implementation of next-level energy efficient LED lighting systems needs a successful project management. Therefore, the following overview of planning steps will guide you to a strong management of your LED project. During the project development, each planning step will be complemented by relevant information, guidelines, links and tools. Thus, you can skip extensive search for informative results and identify easily the best LED lighting solutions for your building.

Situation Analysis

Before modernization, it is advisable to first conduct a thorough inventory of your lighting systems. The results provide the basis for further planning of your project.

Detailed Planning

The basis of any modernization project is a professional lighting planning. At the beginning, define objectives and priorities exactly to later quantify easily gains in quality and savings. The calculation of on the basis of lifecycle costs will make your lighting planning complete.

Financing Model

Appropriate funding is crucial for the success of a modernization project. Please find more information in the section Funding Concepts for Indoor lighting.


Technical, energy, financial as well as public procurement requirements need to be followed in the procurement of lighting installations. Find out more about the relevant requirements.

Control and Maintenance

It is advisable to consider the aspect of maintenance during the planning of your lighting installation. Hint: Consistently rely on low-maintenance lamps to minimize the subsequent maintenance.