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Funding concepts

Public and private service provider for indoor lighting can choose out of a variety of funding and financing models nationally. The EU offers different programmes for energy-efficiency which also cover the installation of next level energy efficient lighting systems.

Energy Performance Contracting

Refurbishment of indoor lighting with LEDs requires high investments costs.  Energy Performance Contracting offers an alternative financing method to overcome this barrier where an ESCO (Energy Service Company) and a client (such as a local authority) enter into an . Costs for the refurbishment are covered by the ESCO, so that no upfront investment by the client is required and the energy savings are ensured. The energy savings generated are used to cover the ESCOs investment and capital costs. The contract ends after the agreed pay-back period and the client benefits afterwards from the energy and cost savings.

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Funding and Financing

Different EU-Programmes can be used to finance your indoor lighting project. Some selected funding programmes are relevant for your lighting Planning: ELENA - European Technical Assistance Facilites and European funding initiatives; JESSICA - Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas; PDA (H2020) Project Development Assistance (formerly called "MLEI") of the Horizon 2020; ESIF - European Structural and Investment Funds (2014 -2020); EEEF - European Energy Efficiency Fund

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RE:FIT London is jointly funded by the GLA and the and the EU Regional Development Fund aims to reduce CO2 emissions in London by 60 per cent by 2025.

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Salix delivers 100% interest free loans for public sector energy efficiency projects.

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