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Clickers Archery

Clickers Archery is a Norwich-based retailer and manufacturer of archery equipment. The retail site also operates as an area for archery practice, storage and manufacturing. 

An audit conducted by BEE Anglia in 2016 found that Clickers Archery could save 1,897 kWh per year by upgrading their fluorescent tube lighting to LEDs. This translates to £265 or 1.1 tCO2e per year. This project was expected to cost £875, giving a payback period of 3.3 years. Overall this gives a £992 cost saving and 4.1 tCO2e saving.

Total estimated savings


Annual electricity savings

1,897 kWh

Annual electricity cost savings


Annual carbon savings

1.1 CO2e

Project payback time

3.3 years




 The company was granted £1,300 towards LED lighting. Fluorescent light panels were removed and replaced with eleven 36 W LED panel lights throughout the site. The lobby was installed with a PIR sensor for controlling the lights in this area. In the loading bay, an 8 ft light fitting was removed from the ceiling and replaced with a round LED bulk head light with a microwave sensor. Also installed was an LED strip light with a pull switch in the photo shoot area.

Following this project Clickers Archery has achieved Silver Level of the Norfolk Carbon Charter offered by BEE Anglia for its carbon emission reductions, setting them in good stead to implement an Environmental Management System.

Company Director Graham Harris said “BEE Anglia have enabled us to reach our long term goal of carbon saving in a short period of time, receiving the grant funding through BEE Anglia has accelerated that process.”

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