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2018 BIRA Conference & Awards

Today's fast-paced retail world can be a tough environment for independent businesses.  But lowering overheads from energy costs can be a boon to high street retailers seeking to maintain a competitive edge. 

According to a BRC survey for the Grocer's Switch the Lights campaign in 2016, on average, 43% of a retailer's electricity costs come from lighting. More efficient, quality LED lighting, coupled with the right control system and smart use of daylight can cut energy bills by as much as 80%.

Further insights from The Grocer's campaign reported positive feedback from retailers on both sales and staff wellbeing - 60% of surveyed businesses stated their new LED lighting had been 'beneficial' to sales, with 17% saying it had been 'highly beneficial'.

We'll be looking at makes great retail lighting as well as discussing the energy saving benefits and issues to look out for, to help independent businesses embark on their LED journey.

The 2018 British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) Conference & Awards is held on 10th May at Jury's Inn, Watling St, Hinckley.

You can read more about our session here.