Premium Light Pro

About the campaign

Addressing the energy saving potential from efficient, LED lighting in the commercial and public sector

Lighting in the public and commercial sector provides a massive opportunity to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, helping to contribute to climate change targets whilst lowering operational costs.

Lighting accounts for around 18% of UK electricity use; non-domestic lighting accounts for around 70% of this with street and road lighting accounting for around 4%.

Premium Light Pro addresses this by providing support services to organisations involved in upgrades to more efficient technology, both on the demand and supply side.  High quality LED systems can deliver lighting solutions for businesses and public sector organisations at a fraction of the cost of older fluorescent and halogen lighting; beyond this, the compatibility of LEDs with a variety of control systems enables further energy saving potential and flexibility that was not previously possible with older technology.

However, there are many considerations when upgrading lighting.  The quality of products on the market is highly varied.  Lighting installations require good design, with the right solution for the task at hand.

Premium Light Pro's support services to address this include:

  • Free project planning tools for indoor and outdoor lighting, to assist project managers in understanding the technology and how to plan an installation
  • Procurement criteria for indoor and outdoor lighting - we've set recommendations on what you should look for regarding energy efficiency, lifetime, and how to evaluate tenders
  • A series of training courses to help those managing lighting installations and those performing them
  • Product databases to find lamps and luminaires that fulfil Premium Light Pro criteria
  • Case studies to provide examples and ideas for your installation

Premium Light Pro is funded by Horizon 2020 and delivered by an experienced consortium of experts in 9 European Countries.  You can find more information on the consortium here and further detail on Horizon 2020 funding here.

In the UK, Premium Light Pro is delivered by the Energy Saving Trust.