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Premium Light Pro at LuxLive 2018

Premium Light Pro are offering their indoor and outdoor lighting workshops at LuxLive 2018, delivered by renowned trainers from the LIA.

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Premium Light Pro KnowLEDge workshop series

We're running a series of training workshops in 2018 to help you take the next step in upgrading to efficient, quality LED systems.

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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Guidance brochure and criteria available

Free resources to help with procurement and design for lighting

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Events / News

Energy Efficient Lighting for Local Councils

How can local councils save money and energy by implementing energy efficient LED lighting? Premium Light Pro will be exhibiting and delivering a fringe session at the National Association of Local Councils Annual Conference 2018.

DoubleTree, Milton Keynes

LuxLive 2018

Premium Light Pro's indoor and outdoor lighting workshops will be on offer at LuxLive 2018, Europe's biggest annual lighting event.

ExCeL London

EMEX London FREE tickets now available

The Energy Management Exhibition in London is now offering free tickets to all those interested in improving their organisation's energy efficiency.

ExCeL London

Premium Light Pro at the LoCASE Showcase

Premium Light Pro were one of many exhibitors at LoCASE's Showcase II: Innovations in Heating, Lighting and IoT in Southend On Sea in October.

Small businesses and the bulb phase-out

As of 1 September 2018, halogen bulbs can no longer enter the EU market. What does this mean for small business' lighting? Premium Light Pro recommends switching to LED for best results and savings.

Premium Light Pro at the NALC Annual Conference 2018

The NALC Annual Conference is an essential event for members of local authorities, providing an excellent opportunity to discuss key policy issues with public and private sector organisations. Premium Light Pro had some great discussions with various councils about their lighting needs.

Premium Light Pro NALC 2018

We will be exhibiting at the NALC Conference on 30 and 31 October in Milton Keynes. Learn more about the event and come to hear about using efficient lighting in your area.

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Premium Light Pro Guidelines

Premium Light Pro has developed a comprehensive set of guidelines for LED lighting in both indoor and outdoor settings. These documents also contain procurement criteria which set out high quality standards for lighting. Guidelines and procurement criteria are freely available for download.

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